Brief about NEFFA

Nepal Freight Forwarders Association (NEFFA), a national organization of Freight Forwarders of Nepal was established in 1998 A.D. as non-political, nonprofit making, non-government association. This is the national association of the transport logistic service providers of Nepal with major objectives of coordinate between various National & International Export & Import related agencies, government, donors and international agencies for facilitating trade within border and beyond border. NEFFA work’s towards lowering the cost of logistics by providing various compliance domestic & international norms.

Vision/ Mission/Objectives:

As collective voice of Freight Forwarders and Logistic Service providers of Nepal we will promote the industry for the benefit of our members, create opportunities and continue to grow and to strengthen the integrity of Freight Forwarders and logistic service providers with compliance to national and international rules and regulations.

To facilitate international trade by delivering goods at destination in an effective and fast manner with compliance to rules and regulation to promote and facilitate trade within the domestic and international Freight and logistics communities.

Safeguard the right and privileges of Freight Forwarders and Entrepreneurs of any firms or companies and their employees related to transportation and logistics services.

Promote and develop national and international transport and logistics business.

To liaise with experts, professionals, media, academics and transport and logistics experts as well as government agencies related to trade facilitation to keep the association abreast.

Enhance the service level of members from basic first and second party logistics to at last 5PL (Fifth party logistic service)

Assist our members by providing information, training and resources to provide excellent service and help in Nations building by abiding by NEFFA Code of Conduct and Standard Trading Condition.

Plan and Strategies of NEFFA

Long Term:

Helping Government in its desire to Make a national Logistic master Plan and remain within the framework in developing logistic trade facilitating centers like the ICD, CFS, Warehouse, Road Infrastructure and introduction of new vehicles, technologies of automation and handling equipment’s and success the desire of Nepalese operationalized  the inland waterway logistics services.

Mid Terms:

To Amend the Insurance law to make it compatible with the international laws related to liability and responsibility coverage in freight forwarding business. This should be in line with the Hamburg and Visby rules or any other rules adapted by Airlines and shipping lines or NVOCCS.

Reasonable amendment in the MTO act to make it user friendly, Introduction of Goods carrier Act, Introduction of  National Railway Act, reasonable amendments in the Treaty of Trade and Transit with India, Introduction of Road service agreement with Bangladesh, Trade treaty with Bhutan. Common trade procedures with neighbouring countries make an Act for Freight Forwarding and Logistic Service providers facilitating office space for NEFFA, CFS in Kathmandu and involvement in government agencies.

Sort Terms:

To work on simplification of procedure, documents, reduction of time to trade, reduction on cost of trading and easy flow of information, suggestion to Nepal Government on issues related to our business, Advocacy and Capacity building of our members and service providers. International Transshipment facility, pursue for labs and fumigation center at ICD/ICPs and boarder customs, EDI/Automation, Cold stores at strategic location to facility trade.

Major areas of concern are:

  1. Transit policy issues

  2. Infrastructure development and maintenance

  3. Use of appropriate Means and mode of transport in compliance with applicable rules of international law.

  4. Increased competitiveness by identifying Trade facilitation and bottle neck issues.

  5. Proper support measures.

  6. National network development

  7. Identification of hazards related to damage, pilferages, cost, time, procedure etc.,

  8. Harmonization procedure, working hours, documents etc with the neighboring countries.

Services and responsibilities of NEFFA:

  1. Trade facilitation and development.

  2. Various training program related on logistic sector.

  3. Orientation program & trade education.

  4. Connectivity with private sector, concern ministries, government authorities and stakeholders.

  5. Celebration of “Nepal Cargo Day” on 29 July of every year.

  6. Participation in National & International trade related program.

  7. Connectivity with global network.

NEFFA helps their principals in the event of contractual disputes with other parties. Larger freight forwarding companies now also act as logistics specialists, advising shipper on suitable modes of transport and routes. They arrange for these services with operators, or provide their own transport resources and prepare the appropriate documentation. This may also include arranging and contracting vessel space for shippers. Many companies even offer multi-model “door to door” transport services. They may or may not, act as a transport operator on each sector of journey, but will assume the responsibility for the goods transported throughout all segments.

In addition to arranging or providing transport, many freight forwarding companies offer a range of specialized services. These include packing bar-coding and making goods and stuffing/de-stuffing containers, carnage and lighter age, inspection, sampling and surveying goods and arranging insurance.  They often act as custom broker can arrange for export and import licenses, certificates of origin, customs declarations, phytosanitary certificates, consular invoices and other associated documentation.

A freight forwarder also connect to the following organizations that can provide information and support on relevant matters, including on technical guidelines and regulations.              

FIATA: International Association of Freight Forwarders

IATA: International Air Transport Association

ICAO: International Organization of Civil Aviation

UN ESCAP: United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific.

Plus: National Freight and transport Associations, Chamber of commerce. National & International Affiliation

NEFFA had always prioritizing cordial relation with domestic and international government and non-governmental organization for the benefit of its member and Freight forwarding industry. NEFFA President is Ex officio Board member for Nepal Intermodal Transport Development Board, which is a government organization to oversee the economical and efficient management of Inland Clearance Depots (ICDs) for facilitation of Nepal’s foreign trade.

NEFFA as Training Centre:

NEFFA is providing various training and seminars on Career Guide, HR Capability, Skilled Frameworks, Logistics and Dangerous Goods Regulations. NEFFA has started to provide IATA certified Dangerous Goods Regulation Training with approval from Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal to Logistics Service Providers, Airlines, Government Authorities and Nepal Armed Police force from 2017 and produced more than 50 IATA certified human resources in Nepal Aviation Sector.  As the mandatory establishment of revised Dangerous Goods Training Course which includes the Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) framework by January 1 2023, NEFFA had organised the training based on CBTA framework first time in Nepal.