As collective voice of Freight Forwarders and Logistic Service providers of Nepal we will promote the industry for the benefit of our members, create opportunities and continue to grow and to strengthen the integrity of Freight Forwarders and logistic service providers with compliance to national and international rules and regulations.



To facilitate international trade by delivering goods at destination in an effective and fast manner with compliance to rules and regulation to promote and facilitate trade within the domestic and international Freight and logistics communities.



  • Safeguard the right and privileges of Freight Forwarders and Entrepreneurs of any firms or companies and their employees related to transportation and logistics services.
  • Promote and develop national and international transport and logistics business.
  • To liaise with experts, professionals, media, academics and transport and logistics experts as well as government agencies related to trade facilitation to keep the association abreast.
  • Enhance the service level of members from basic first and second party logistics to at last 5PL (Fifth party logistic service)

Assist our members by providing information, training and resources to provide excellent service and help in Nations building by abiding by NEFFA Code of Conduct and Standard Trading Condition.